Manufacturer of sliding door systems

Promani was born after several years of experience in the fields of drywall construction. The daily  contact with the needs and demands of the construction industry helped to develop concrete solutions for the installation of sliding door systems.

The acquired know-how and the continuous desire to improve the existing solutions enabled the company to design and patent a new product: an innovative sliding door frame that is adjustable,  steady and easy to install.

In fact, the easy installation is the key feature of our sliding door products that make them suitable also for a non-specialized installer.

The company is  committed to use all the experience gained in the field and its know-how to establish itself in the market of sliding door systems with a brand new range of pockets. An ambitious and important project that will be launched in the Italian market and abroad.

Promani is a reliable partner for pockets and accessories useful for the installation of interior sliding doors.

The main goal of the Company is to offer experts and amateurs of manual work (PRO= professionals + MANI = hands in Italian) useful ideas and innovative solutions.