Systems for sliding doors disappearing inside the wall

Creating a new space separating the rooms with a sliding door system blended into the wall is an elegant and functional solution to renovate and optimize the available space.

Often, this type of intervention presents difficulties installing the sliding door, due to time and labour costs, as well as the inconvenience of converting the environment to be renovated into a construction site.

The sliding door system designed by Promani is a modern concept developed and designed by  professionals to facilitate and accelerate the installation of sliding doors.

The installation process of Promani’s sliding doors simple: the preparation, the installation of the frame and the placement of the door, pose no particular difficulties for every fitter: professional or DIY lover!

As for any product you would assemble by yourself our sliding doors can be quickly and safely assembled in a professional way following these few steps:

Define height and width of the sliding door and adapt our frame to the size of the door you need

Following the instruction manual arrange all the components of the frame in the correct order of installation

Proceed with on-site assembly and install the pocket in place

Finished! Now you only need to install the door of your sliding system!

Technical information

Discover our easy to install kit!

We specifically designed an installation kit with components that allow an easy assembly.

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Video Tutorial

Discover how easy is to install a sliding door!

Follow our videos to install a sliding door! They’ll help you during the assembly.

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