A sliding door is a valid alternative to the traditional hinged door. In case of space reorganization, renovation, confined spaces or service areas, sliding door systems are always functional and aesthetically pleasing. A sliding door can be used both in the restructuring phase or in case of new construction and involves the creation of a slot for the sliding frame inside the plasterboard wall.

Promani range of sliding door frames is composed by three products that differ in material and finishing results.

Sliding pocket door
entirely made of zinc-coated steel
with wooden doorposts

Sliding pocket door
entirely made of aluminium
with wooden doorposts

Sliding pocket door
completely made of aluminium
without wooden doorposts

Why choosePromani's pocket door systems?

Usually the installation of a sliding door frame is an operation followed by a technician and despite the professional expertise the margin of error and inaccuracy always remains an eventuality. Promani technical team has designed and patented a sliding door system that reduces any inaccuracies during the installation process and it’s perfectly designed to be installed even by non-professionals. You can install a Promani sliding door system in few minutes!


Thanks to the Promani Kit, the installation steps of the sliding door are very fast and intuitive. A solution that is suitable for DIY lovers as well as for a professional audience!


Promani frames simplify the standard procedure of installing a sliding pocket door system. In fact, during the installation phase, our kits can be adapted directly to the final size of the sliding door.


Unlike other products already on the market, Promani offers a two-way damping system of the sliding door always included inside the kit as standard equipment. According to the company philosophy, it is important to offer our customers a complete product for the best user experience.


The track has been especially designed to be easily removed even when the sliding door system is fully installed. In this way, it is possible to add accessories even if the product is already in place, without damaging the wall finishings.


The U shape on the outer perimeter of the frame  allows the direct installation of the C profiles to  complete the plasterboard structure of the wall. This solution makes it possible to improve and to accelerate the installation process of the pocket without using additional U profiles.


The spacer profile included in the Promani door frame kit allows a perfectly aligned installation to the plasterboard structure, avoiding accidental mistakes that sometimes happens in drywall construction.