SLIDING POCKET DOOR entirely made of aluminium, with wooden doorposts

SMARTY is the counter-frame for sliding doors that offers ease of installation and comfort in your daily use. The frame is completely made of aluminium and has to be completed with jambs and architraves. Our frames can be matched with different kind of doors and our kit for glass doors. Aluminium frames are specifically made for the installation of sliding doors in locations with high levels of humidity or salinity and in public or sanitary environments thanks to their ability to resist corrosion.


  • It is a C5 certified anti-corrosion product.
  • Easy extractable track
  • Standard double-sided damping system included
  • The backside position of the damping system can be moved any moment.
  • The upper profile can be used as a track for the drywall structure
  • The upper profile has different marks in order to change the width of the door depending on the measure you need.
  • Vertical elements have different marks in order to change the height of the door depending on the measure you need.
  • The 100 cm height from the floor is marked
  • The alignment of the frame takes place through a spacer profile.
  • The door-guide allows you to centre the door panel
  • The anterior profile is a perfect fit for the vertical studs of the plasterboard structure, allowing a perfect alignment to the wall.

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